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Business Partnership and Family Business Consulting

Business Partnership Consulting

handshake.fwA business partnership may be a simple business structure but running one successfully can often be complicated. Having worked together for over 22 years in a business partnership, The Discovery Group partners are a natural fit to help other partners in business work together more effectively.

The most common concerns of partnerships are how to agree on goals and strategy and resolve their differences while preserving both the business and their personal relationship, which was the original impetus for working together.  The time, energy, and money spent on fine-tuning a business partnership return benefits many times over the cost, but sadly, many partnerships decline or delay consultation until their business has suffered loss of personnel, market share, capital, or reputation.

 We provide coaching and consulting in the following areas:

  • What to Consider Before Proposing “Let’s Go Into Business Together”
  • Getting “On The Same Page” – Vision and Mission Development
  • Creating a Partnership Agreement That Works
  • Developing Fair Business Policies and Structures
  • Effective Communication and Regular Business Partnership Meetings
  • Understanding and Leveraging Personality Differences
  • Conflict De-escalation, Mediation, and Resolution
  • Dealing With the Partner Who Doesn’t Do His/Her Share
  • Making Agreements About the Role of the Non-Business Spouses and Other Stakeholders
  • Business Succession Planning and Implementation

Family Business and Entrepreneurial Couples Consulting

win-win.fwAre any of the following true of your family business?

  • There is no differentiation between the “business of the business” and the “business of the family,” or you cannot ever “just be a family” because the business is the main thing you talk about when you are together.
  • The family business has become the “family welfare system.”
  • There are different standards for performance between family and non-family employees in the business.
  • Communication is unclear and not timely, attendance is sub-par, or work does not meet quality standards, but those problems are tolerated because of family ties.
  • Unfinished family conflict comes to work and/or conflict is not managed well and hinders the business.
  • The founder has no plans to retire from the business or has retired but continues to control important aspects of the business, and succeeding generations are not being trained to assume leadership or are not given the freedom to lead.
  • Succession plans in the family business are not in place or are not clearly understood by all stakeholders.

“The key to successful succession is grooming the right people with the right training for the right jobs at the right time.”

With a specialization and personal experience in family business, The Discovery Group Consultants assist entrepreneurial couples and family businesses to optimize the unique strengths and advantages of the family business while minimizing the liabilities, in order to maintain the health of family and the profitability of business.

We provide coaching and consulting in the following areas:

  • Managing Dual Roles in Work and Family Relationships
  • Clarifying and Distinguishing Family and Business Roles
  • Creating Clear Criteria for Entering the Family Business
  • Developing Fair Family and Business Policies and Structures
  • Sharpening Communication and Conflict-Resolution Skills
  • Mediating Inter-Generational Differences and Disagreements
  • Planning Successful Family and Business Meetings, Retreats, and Councils
  • Developing Leadership
  • Facilitating Communication
  • Assisting Heirs to Manage Wealth Successfully (through consulting with heirs and legal and financial advisors)
  • Passing on the Family Business Legacy

“To help organizations discover innovative solutions for people challenges
and to facilitate personal and relational effectiveness at work”