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Workplace Conflict Management and Mediation

Workplace Conflict Management Consulting – Coaching:
workplace conflict
More people leave jobs because of conflict at work than because of lack of technical skills or dissatisfaction with salary, so it is our goal to reduce turnover by helping people feel empowered to constructively manage conflict at work and thus improve their job satisfaction.  The Discovery Group Consultants assess conflict areas in organizations and then help design interventions and customized training programs as well as individual coaching as necessary to address those issues.  Depending on a team’s needs, we may also teach skills to improve teamwork process, master communication and conflict management, or provide exceptional customer service.

Workplace Conflict Management – Training:

In addition to the training mentioned above and on the Training page, Dr. Roe and Ms. Thompson are Master Trainers for Mediation Training Institute International® and Certified Consultants in Workplace Mediation, and they are qualified as “Subject Matter Experts” through MTI.

Through implementing the training provided in MTI’s® excellent seminars in Managerial Mediation and Self Mediation, you can significantly reduce the high cost of conflict (which is often hidden) in your organization.  These trainings are for managers and supervisors in your organization as well as for Human Resource professionals, with SHRM CEU credits available.

MTI certified trainer

See also for more information and to access an online assessment of the Organizational Cost of Conflict, the “Conflict Management Toolbox,” and much more:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Public trainings
  • On-site training
  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Workplace Mediator Certification

“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today, and the least recognized.”
~ Dan Dana (quoted 1988 … 2010)

The Discovery Group Mediation Services:

Resolving Conflicts While Preserving Relationships

mediation services
Workplace Mediation
The Discovery Group offers a variety of mediation services including those listed below.

Business Partner Mediation
Having worked together for over 22 years in a business partnership, The Discovery Group partners are a natural fit to help other partners in business resolve their differences while preserving both the business and their relationships.

Family Business Mediation
With over 80 hours of specialized training in family business, The Discovery Group Consultants assist family businesses and entrepreneurial couples to resolve the conflicts that can result from mixing the “business of the business” with the “business of the family.” Whether the need is to sharpen communication and conflict-resolution skills in general, work through inter-generational differences and disagreements, or resolve conflict by developing and clarifying fair family/business policies and structures, we help family businesses resolve their differences while preserving both the business and the family relationships.

Elder Mediation
ELDER MEDIATION assists family members to resolve differences and disputes about decisions for parents and other loved ones who are aging, incapacitated, or struggling with making good decisions for themselves. As trained and certified mediators, we help families find solutions to disputes about issues such as:

  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Independence and safety
  • Money/Financial
  • Living arrangements and lifestyles
  • Adult sibling conflicts
  • Care-giving
  • Conservatorship
  • End-of-life decisions
  • Family possessions
  • Allocation of estates

The process is voluntary, informal, and confidential, and provides an opportunity for everyone to be heard while still preserving relationships.

Conflict Management and Mediation Services to Churches

dove.fwStaff and Board Training

  •  “The Leadership Opportunity” – Facilitated Group Study for Church Leadership Teams based on Peacemaker Ministries’® materials 12-Session Skills Training Series in Applying Biblical Principles to Conflicts in the Church
    • Leadership and Peace-Making
    • Learning to Prevent and Fight the Fires of Conflict
    • Building a Unified Church Leadership Team
    • Leading Through Change without Dividing the Flock
    • Practical Skills for the Peacemaking Leader
    • Redemptive Discipline in the Church
  • Preventive Risk Management in the Church
  • Developing a Culture of Peace in Your Church

Consultation with Pastors and Church Leaders

  • Conflict Issues Among Staff and Leadership
  • Conflict Issues with Parishioners
  • Coaching for Developing and Applying Conflict Management Skills
  • Managing the Difficult Employee
  • Handling Discipline and Terminations Effectively

Conciliation and Mediation

  • Mediation of Intra-Staff/Board Conflicts
  • Mediation of Parishioner Conflicts
  • Assessment of and Recommendations for Difficult Employees


How Can Mediation Be Helpful To Me?
Mediation can help you resolve:

  • Leadership team disagreements
  • Board and staff differences
  • Supervisor-employee conflicts
  • Peer and intra-staff conflicts
  • Company-vendor disagreements
  • Partnership impasses
  • Family business conflicts
  • Disputes about care of elders
  • Intra-family disputes
  • Parent-school conflicts
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disagreements
  • Real estate disputes
  • Contract impasses
  • Inter-group conflicts
What Is Mediation?
what is mediation and how can it help?With the exception of Workplace Mediation, mediation typically is a voluntary, informal, and confidential process for dispute resolution conducted by an impartial third party, the mediator. Mediation takes place on neutral ground such as in a mediator’s office, and mediators often work in teams.
The process of mediation ensures that all parties are heard and involved in the decision-making. The successful negotiation of conflict requires that you and the other parties clearly understand the real interests at stake, so your mediators will assist you in listening attentively to each other.
Unlike a lawsuit and arbitration, no judge is present to make a final decision. With the facilitation of the mediators, all decisions are reached by mutual agreement, and the mediators then assist the parties to translate those decisions into a written agreement between them.
There is no obligation to mediate; you may choose to terminate mediation at any time and pursue other avenues of resolution such as binding arbitration or a lawsuit.
How Does Mediation Work?
TDG mediations typically begin with separate 1 1/2-hour pre-mediation meetings with each party where he/she gets acquainted with the process and the mediator. Once the parties and the mediator decide if they are able to work together, all will sign a written agreement to mediate. The first joint mediation session will include time for you to put your issues “on the table” and begin to explain your interests in seeking resolution.
What Does Mediation Cost?
Mediation is usually the least costly form of dispute resolution. The Discovery Group’s mediation fees range from $250-$375 per hour, depending on the personnel involved. We focus on thorough and expeditious resolution of conflicts. Additional costs in mediation might include the services of accountants, healthcare specialists, attorneys, and financial and estate planners, and travel, lodging, and expenses for the mediators.
Mediation costs are determined by the ability of the parties to learn from the mediator, to focus on relevant details, and to work cooperatively toward win-win solutions. By contrast, litigation costs often begin with a sizeable retainer and then increase if the process becomes lengthier. Costs using litigation are doubled since each party must hire its own experts.
Can Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods Help Avoid Litigation?
While each process has its advantages and disadvantages and is appropriate at different times, typically you can prevent exposure to costly litigation by making sure that you have a Mediation/Arbitration Clause written into every contract you make with employees, contractors, and vendors.
Who Are The Mediators?
The Discovery Group mediators are Barbara E. Thompson, M.A. and John E. Roe, Ph.D. and their professional associates. Thompson and Roe are Master Trainers and Certified Consultants in Workplace Mediation who each have almost 200 hours of formal mediation training from The Mediation Training Institute, Int’l., The Northern California Mediation Center, Steven Rosenberg, J.D., Peacemaker Ministries, and Jane Iddings, J.D.

“To help organizations discover innovative solutions for people challenges and
to facilitate personal and relational effectiveness at work”