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Meeting Facilitation

Would You Like Find a Better Way to Make
Your Next Meeting more Effective and Productive?

Have you ever left a meeting thinking that the meeting got off track or wondering if anything productive really happened?  Perhaps a few people dominated the meeting, all points of view were not heard, or the participants were too invested in their own viewpoints to hold a constructive conversation.  Leading an effective meeting is an art and a science, and many times it is very helpful to engage an impartial third party to facilitate a meeting that will be optimally effective and productive.


  • Clarify your goals and ground rules for the meeting
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and direction during meetings
  • Attend to time frames and move the discussion ahead toward desired goals
  • Moderate without bias, without a vested interest in a particular outcome
  • Encourage each stakeholder to clearly articulate his/her point of view
  • Ensure that a few people do not dominate the meeting
  • Constructively manage conflicts that might emerge
  • Explore solutions that leverage diversity of perspective
  • Lead to agreements that will consider everyone’s input
  • Memorialize the meeting with a written report and recommendations
  • Satisfy legal requirements for formal types of meetings (boards of directors, etc.)


John E. Roe, Ph.D. and Barbara E. Thompson, M.A., have formal training and broad experience working with diverse businesses and agencies. They have extensive educational backgrounds and professional licenses in psychology and marriage and
family therapy. Their personal training and experience includes facilitating meetings, personal and executive coaching, speaking, writing, business development, ownership
and consulting, sales, insurance, construction, and real estate. Both John and Barbara
have been instrumental in the start-up and leadership of a variety of for-profit and
not-for-profit businesses, and they have a passion for helping people communicate
more effectively, use conflict constructively, and reach effective solutions.