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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

coaching02Superior performance in the workplace today depends on how well people use personal and interpersonal abilities. Coaching can help you create a clear advantage in life and work by developing the essential elements of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Adapted from Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Natural ability, motivation, and expert coaching can make you a standout not only in sports but also in life and at work. Professional athletes are coached their entire careers even while they are playing the game! Optimize your performance with the professional assistance of an experienced coach; the returns on your coaching tuition can far exceed the time and money invested.

Your individualized coaching curriculum may include the following:

Personal Assessment and Development

  • Develop Your Personal Mission and Vision Statements
  • Understand and Optimize Your Personality Type
  • Identify and Overcome Blocks to Performance
  • Get Through to People: Master Effective Communication Skills
  • Listen so Others Will Speak and Speak so Others Will Listen
  • Develop Effective Assertiveness Skills
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • Identify and Use Conflict Styles Appropriately
  • Manage Conflict and Anger
  • Manage and Reduce Stress and Create Resilience
  • Balance Work, Time, and Life
  • Develop Your Career
  • Plan a Meaningful Retirement

Leadership Development

  • Evaluate and Enhance Leadership Styles
  • Develop Visionary Leadership that Inspires Others
  • Manage Different, Difficult, and Disgruntled Employees
  • Handle Discipline and Terminations Effectively
  • Defuse and Resolve Staff Conflicts
  • Build Your Team—Work More Effectively Together
    • Understand, Appreciate, and Capitalize on Differences
    • Improve Teamwork Process
    • Work Effectively with Diverse Teams
  • Conduct Meetings that Get to the Point and End on Time
  • Develop Your Staff and Board
  • Build Loyalty and Satisfaction in Internal and External Customers
  • Manage Organizational Change Constructively


coaching.fwWhat is Coaching?
Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a client and a consultant who uses motivational and behavioral techniques to facilitate achievement of the client’s goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction. Coaching has become a business standard to enhance performance in executives, managers and organizations and a means to improve and retain the best talent in an organization.
Why Do I Need a Coach?
Because most of us usually are not good at being objective about ourselves, a coach provides objective assessment and feedback. Also, keeping ourselves motivated over the long run to achieve goals can be difficult, but a coach can provide ongoing motivation and encouragement to “stay the course.” Just as many people do not finish degrees in independent study, so other personal and professional goals may not be reached in a timely manner or even at all without appropriate assistance. A coaching relationship can make all the difference in reaching your goals.
How is Coaching Different from Psychotherapy?
Coaching focuses on the present and future performance of an individual and/or organization while traditional psychotherapies often focus on the past and pathological conditions. Coaching is oriented toward personal and professional development while psychotherapy is oriented toward emotional healing. Both are confidential relationships, however, coaching may be paid for by an organization, and individuals who are coached will be accountable to that organization for performance outcomes. Coaching meetings may vary in length and scheduling, while psychotherapy usually occurs in a recurring 50-minute session in a therapist’s office. Coaching may occur in the workplace or in other neutral venues and may include observations by the coach of work interactions, presentations, and social events.
What Does Coaching Cost?
The Discovery Group’s coaching fees range from $150-$300 per hour, not including travel time. Coaching may be conducted virtually and/or in small groups. Coaching is typically contracted in blocks of time and is paid for in advance. The coaching contract is customized to your needs and goals and can be re-negotiated with each block of time.
Who Are The Coaches?
The Discovery Group’s coaches are Barbara E. Thompson and John E. Roe and their professional associates. Thompson and Roe are trained in several approaches to coaching and also have a combined total of more than 50 years of licensed practice in the professions of Behavioral Health Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy

“We could all use a little coaching. When you’re playing the game,
it’s hard to think of everything.” ~ Jim Rohn

“To help organizations discover innovative solutions for people challenges
and to facilitate personal and relational effectiveness at work”